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JABO -The Adventures of a boy in search of The Way                                                                                                                                      Prieur du Plessis


          During the times of Jesus, Jabo, a young Ethiopian slave boy was set free
          and had to live on the streets in Jerusalem. A group of street children 
          attacked him and he was saved by an eccentric old woman known as Josie.
          Jabo became Josie’s protégé and he travelled along with her. Jesus recently
          returned from the countries in the East where he resided for 18 years and
          where He met Mari Magadha. She became Jesus’ first disciple. Along with
          Mari and her group of Magadhalenes, Jabo and Josie followed Jesus on His
          mission through Palestine. Jabo witnessed the miracles performed by Jesus,
          listened to His sermons and discussed the esoteric lessons with Jesus' disciples.
          listened to His sermons and discussed the esoteric lessons with Jesus' disciples.

The Mystical Sayings                                                                                                                                        
Author: Prieur du Plessis 


          Jesus lived for several years in Indie. After His crucifixion, the Apostle
          Thomas went to that country to spread the teachings of The Way as taught
          by Jesus. In India, Thomas established the first church based on the teachings
          of Jesus. He wrote ‘The Mystical Saying of Jesus,’ during that time. About
          80 years later the first of the Synoptic Gospels was written, and it seems likely
          that these sayings were used as the source material. The sayings are esoteric
          and mystical and mostly allegorically written.

          The reader is invited to study these sayings along with the author with an open
          analytical mind.                                                                                        

Mystic Mountain                                                                                                                                                                                                   Author: Prieur du Plessis   


          A man’s son dies tragically. A rift between himself and his wife occurs
          and their relationship reaches a breaking point. He decides to climb a
          solitary mountain, hoping that in solitude, he will find answers to the
          questions torturing him. What he does not expect is to meet an eccentric
          old man living in a small valley on the mountain. The old man’s spiritual

          wisdom enables him to unravel an immense secret, and he discoveres more
          than for which he bargained.

          The reader will be caught off guard at the way the story unfolds and it
          will cause his or her conditioned thinking to be challenged.

To drink from my well                                                                                                                                                                                           Author: Prieur du Plessis     


          On his eightieth birthday, Prieur, a South African man, received a rare gift from
          his sons; a well in Cambodia. The well became a nagging compulsive obsession –
          he had to drink from it.

          This story relates how he travelled to Cambodia and what he experienced in that
          amazing country with its smiling people, nature spirits, medieval temples, strange
          foods, villages built on water, and monsoon rains.

          To drink from his well was why he went. He did not expect the strange adventures that
          awaited him, nor how it would forever change his life. In the ruins of a mystical temple,
          he made a discovery that is likely to have a huge impact on Western

          He drank from his well, as he had set out to do, but a thirst that he was not aware
          of was also quenched.


The Soul Mechanic                                                                                                                                                                                                   Author: Prieur du Plessis 


          Nobody in the small Knersvlakte town knows who the man with the scarred face is.

          He is just known as Mêk, short for mechanic. Mêk arrived out of the blue one day,
          riding an old Harley Davidson, with his equally strange girlfriend on the back. He
          opened a workshop in a barn outside town. Eventually, this barn becomes a gathering
          place for those who want to listen to his interesting stories concerning
          the esoteric laws of nature.

          As one of the characters in the story says; Mêk does not only repair engines,                                                                but humans also. 

The Way of the Soul                                                                                                                                                                                               Author: Prieur du Plessis    


          This book is meant for the thinking man; those who want to know more:
          What happens when we die? Is there an afterlife? What is the soul?
          What is the spirit? Who is God? Why do we live? Most people never
          question the reason for being. We are born, grow up and we survive as
          best we can. Some of us survive better than others, we have more, are
          fit and healthy, enjoy life fully, acquire wealth and live for many years.
          For other's life a burden, their own little, is burdened with debts, may be
          destitute, homeless, sickly and due to die soon. This is the status quo.
          But why is it so? Why the inequality? What causes some of us to have
          more than others? Could it be that the God of Creation is unfair and plays
          favourites, or is there another reason? We have to realise that we live
          according to natural laws and that we ourselves determine how our lives
          should be. The intention of this book is to introduce the readers to esoteric
          metaphysical wisdom, and to the Laws of the Spirit.

Living in accordance with these laws is The Way that leads to fulfillment and happiness. There is
one criterion; the reader should keep an open unbiased mind and not accept what I write as gospel.
What I give you is my understanding of spirituality. It is up to each individual to decide what
they can accept as true.

This is your Spirit speaking                                                                                                                                                                                 Author: Prieur du Plessis 


          Of course, you will consider what follows as fiction, but by a stretch of your

          imagination, just suppose that you do wake up at night to hear a voice
          say, “I am your Spirit. I want to talk to you.”

          This story is based on esoteric truths. It is about God and love, about the
          reason for living and the ultimate goal of the soul.

          Read this book with a tongue in the cheek, but with an unbiased open mind.
          You will find that you will examine your previous indoctrinated beliefs and this                                                                 may change your life.

          Consider what spirit and soul have to articulate and then resolve; what is fact,
          and what is fiction? What if all that Spirit and Soul tell us is true? Shouldn't
          we pay more attention to how we think, and how we love?

Now turn off the light and go to sleep. Don’t be surprised if you wake up late at night to hear a voice say…,

“This is your Spirit speaking.”


Afrikaanse e-boeke.

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Die Handelinge van Jesus                                                                                                                                                                                    Prieur du Plessis


          ʼn Vertaling van ‘The Acts of Yesu,’ met bygaande kommentaar.
          ʼn Boek wat deur die eerste volgelinge van Jesus in 47nc gebruik

          Die agtien verlore jare waarvan die Bybel nie melding maak
          nie word in hierdie verhaal oor die lewe van Jesus bekend gemaak.

Die Berg                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Prieur du Plessis


          ʼn Ryk man se lewe stort om hom in duie. Hy besluit om hom op ʼn berg
          te gaan afsonder waar hy sy wonde kan lek. Hy dog dat hy alleen in ʼn
          vallei op die berg is maar kom dan agter dat daar ʼn eksentrieke ou
          kluisenaar woon. Die twee ontmoed mekaar en as gevolg van die ou
          man se wysheid leer hy wat die geheim van die lewe is. Hy kry ʼn insig
          in die merkwaardige kennis waaroor die Boesmans van eeue gelede
          beskik het. Die verhaal is deurspek met esoteriese wyshede wat nuwe
          insig gee aan vrydenkende lesers wat gewillig is om geïndoktrineerde
          kennis te heroorweeg.

Jabo - Die avonture van ʼn seun op Jesus se Weg                                                                                                                                                      Prieur du Plessis


          Jabo, ʼn jong seun, voorheen ʼn slaaf, word vrygestel en moet sukkel om
          ʼn bestaan te maak as ʼn straatkind in Jerusalem. ʼn Eksentrieke ou vrou
          red hom uit die hande van ʼn straatbende. Hulle sluit aan by ʼn groep
          vroue onder leiding van Mari Magadha (Maria Magdalena) en volg Jesus
          op sy sending deur Palestina.

          Jesus het pas terug gekeer uit die Oosterse lande waar hy vir 18 jaar
          studeer en die lering van Die Weg verkondig het. In Indië het hy met
          Mari kennis gemaak en sy het sy eerste Dissipel geword. Jabo se
          avonture lei daartoe dat hy esoteriese waarhede leer

Die Mekêniek                                                                                                                                                                                                            Prieur du Plessis


          Niemand in die klein Knersvlakte dorpie weet wat die man met die geskende
          gesig se  regte naam is nie. Almal ken hom slegs as die Mekêniek. Hy en sy
          ewe vreemde vriendin het uit die bloute op ʼn ou Harley Davidson in die dorpie
          Kokerkop opgedaag waar hy in ʼn nabygeleë skuur begin het om motors te
          herstel.  Hierdie werkswinkel het die bymekaarkomplek geword vir
          belangstellende inwoners wat na sy fassinerende vertellings oor die
          wette van die natuur wou luister.

Die Mistieke gesegdes van Jesus                                                                                                                                                                          Prieur du Plessis


          Min Christene besef dat Jesus vir bykans agtien jaar van sy lewe in
          die Ooste en ander lande deurgebring het waar hy die boodskap van
          die Weg en Liefde verkondig het. Daarna het hy vir drie jaar na
          Palestina terug gekeer waar hy gekruisig is.

          Na sy kruisdood en opstanding is die Dissipel Thomas na Indië gestuur
          om Jesus se lering voort te sit. Voor sy teregstelling in Indië het Thomas
          die gesegdes wat nou aan u bekend gemaak word versamel.

n Gesprek met my siel
Prieur du Plessis


           Uit die polsende wit lig wat my onhul het ʼn stem gekom, "Word wakker! Hierdie                                                              is nie ʼn droom nie.  Dit is ek! JouGees wat Praat."

           So het my gesprek met my Siel en Gees daardie nag begin. Wat hulle my geleer  
           het was verstommend! Nou weet ek wat Karma en Dharma is en waarom ons
           reïnkarneer. Ek deel hierdie esoteriese kennis sodat alle mense kan besef dat
           hulle meer is as ʼn fisiese liggaam. Elke een van ons is inderdaad ʼn gees met n 
          siel en ʼn liggaam. Ons moet leer hoe die drie saam moet funksioneer.