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Peter Wilson - About the book ‘Wayism.’

This forum is about spirituality. Spirit, as far as I am concerned, is part of God. Now in the description of the book about Wayism, the author has the audacity to say that there is no God in charge of

affairs. That is a ridiculous statement, and I will not recommend any book making such stupid statements.

 Response:   Yes Peter; I can understand your concern. The sentence in the synopsis that you refer to reads: ‘There is no God in charge of affairs here on Earth, but The Natural Laws of The Way

take care of life on the planet.’ Unfortunately we have to read the book to understand the meaning. Wayist, or Followers of the Way, do not believe in the Cause, the Omnipotent Creator. What they say is that the Cause of All is so powerful, and so magnificent, that it cannot be described. Think about it; how do we give a name to a Force, so great  that we cannot even imagine it? But yes, if we

want to call the Force that controls all natural laws, and therefore our lives, God, it is acceptable. If you read the book, you will find that Wayists believe in a Heaven, and that we have a Father in

Heaven, as Jesus taught us.  J. P.    

Amanda Pretorius – About Dharma

Amongst other spiritual subjects that you say we will discuss, you mention Karma, but what about Dharma? I would like to know what Dharma is.

Response:One of the best descriptions of the Sanskrit word Dharma is found in the Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia. In Hinduism. Dharma signifies behaviours that are considered to be in accord with what makes the universe possible. It involves duties, order, laws, conduct, virtues and ‘‘right way of living’’.

Followers of the teachings of Yesu (Jesus), also consider Dharma as the right way of living.  Yesu taught that to become spiritually enlightened we have to live the Way as taught by Him. That is why he said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Followers of this philosophy are known as Wayists. Wayists live according to the way and are fulfilling their Dharma. 

The Sikhs, refer to Dharma as "The path of righteousness," which is the same as The Way of right living.

Buddhists understand Dharma as a course of action involving a life of moral uprightness. Moral uprightness corresponds with the right way of living.  Action, according to a Buddhist, is closely

associated to the law of Karma.

There is a reason for living; a Dharma to fulfil. The Dharma, the duty, of each person differs. Whether you are a grave digger, an astronomer, a labourer, a teacher or a doctor; the criterion is to live

your Dharma to the best of your abilities in a way that may benefit society and the Universe.

Living in this way is to live in love. It is a sure way of becoming spiritually enlightened. According to the Bagavad Gita, this duty of yours should be done without regard for the outcome. It should be

compassionate and not for self-gratification.     J. P.