Welcome to this site where we discuss various aspects of Spirituality

 Heaven. Soul. Mind. Spirit. Maya. Reincarnation. Karma.
Hell. Akashi. God. Yin-yang. 

This is a non-denominational site. Although we quote from various esoteric religious scriptures we do not specifically adhere to any of them. Religion is a personal matter. Here we discuss spirituality. We analyse, scrutinise, comment, question - and in the process, we learn.

The site is still under construction. Ideas and recommendations from visitors will be welcome. Let?s build this forum together.

We will regularly place an article on one or other aspect of spirituality. Our first article is about Wayism, a way of life as old as the mountains. Please read it and then let us hear from you. Your comment may help a member to find a truth.

Spiritual growth is a never ending Endeavour. It is the reason why we live. If you have questions relating to aspects of spirituality such as; Heaven, Soul, Mind, Reincarnation, Karma, Hell, Akashi, God,  Yin-Yang, or any other, please ask and we will attempt to provide an answer.

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